Monday, February 13, 2012

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Politics, a word that doesn't conjure up the most pleasant of thoughts. In our day to day conversations the word is associated with waste, ineptitude, greed, elitism and a host of words that would make a sailor blush. The publics involvement in the process of political change is quite limited. Oh, we have the vote all right, but our choices are dictated by those with power, money and influence. Once in office, the voices being listened to are amplified by money. Hell, people with money hire people whose only job is to buy public servants and influence decisions. They're called lobbyists. They insure that the voice of the few is louder than the voice of the many. Politicians have money, come from money, cater to money and associate with money. They spend money we don't have on programs we don't need. Their political survival becomes more important than the needs of our nation. I'll have to come back to this topic later, my blood pressure is starting to rise.
How about fishing? Fishing must be one of the world's most relaxing pastimes. That's fishing, catching is secondary. Fishing allows you the pleasure of daydreaming while enjoying the anticipation of a possible catch. You can spend a lot of money or next to nothing and still reap the benefits of this glorious hobby.
I feel better now but still not ready to tackle politics. How about pets? Why do we have pets and how do they feel about it? Dogs and cats seem to be the most popular choices. Dogs at least earn their keep once in a while. There are guard dogs, watch dogs, seeing eye dogs and even that big dog with a keg of brandy around its neck. But cats, smelly furballs with finicky appetites and no respect for the private nooks and crannies of your home. Tell a dog to fetch something and it's "your will be done sire." Try that with your cat, the little furniture scratching ingrate. Take,take,take,smell,smell,smell. I think I'll go fishing.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


If the shoe fits, try the other one. Both feet may not be the same size. It's been said that there is more than one way to skin a cat. How many ways do you need and why would you do it in the first place. The ASPCA may want to look into this.

Time warp update.An unidentified vagrant is facing indictment today. He is being charged with several counts of trespassing, illegal transport of produce across state lines, vagrancy and violation of federal farm regulations. The ACLU is coming to his defense, charging the government with freedom of expression violations. The man, calling himself Johnny Appleseed, is being held without bail pending identification.

In a related story a large man and his unlicensed ox are being ordered to cease and desist with their major excavation project, pending the result of an environmental impact study. A spokesman for the construction company, Paul Bunyan inc., claimed that the increased tourism generated by the project would be well worth the expense.

On the international scene, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro appeared on state television last night and implored his people to remain firm in the face of stepped up economic sanctions being imposed by the imperialistic American government. He cited a dramatic increase in boat building as a sign of a strengthening Cuban economy.

On the local front. All of the counties street gangs met at a unification rally last night vowing to cooperate better in their attempt to kill, destribute drugs and terrorize neighborhoods. They agreed to place more emphasis on recruiting young members and discussed the need for better weapons in light of the armored vests that law enforcement officers are wearing. Representatives from police and local government have agreed to meet with gang leaders to discuss their differences.

In sports action today, NFL player reps tried an end run with salary demands against the always tough owners. Defensive attorneys were able to strip the ball and hold the players to a modest gain. During a half time interview, Buck Cash, the players leading money maker, promised to stop theowners cold in their attempt to score a profit. We'll bring you further updates as second half litigation continues.

On the lighter side of the news, a Hollywood couple stood naked on the corner of sunset and vine to protest the plight of the homeless. When, after three days, nobody noticed them,they decided to give up their vigil.

And now an editorial in favor of gun ownership by Wyatt Winchester representing the national rifle association. Excuse me, we'll have to postpone this segment. I've just been informed that Mr. Winchester was the victim af a drive by shooting on his way to the studio.

Warning.... The following scenes may not be suitable for viewing by intelligent adults and the opinions expressed may not be those of the American public. We now switch or cameras to the floor of congress where senator Phil A. Buster is arguing for his bill requiring clean, registered hand guns be distributed, free of charge, to addicted armed robbers. Proponents of the bill claimed that the registered guns will be easier to trace, making law enforcements job easier.

We interupt this broadcast for a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test. Had it been a real alert you wouldn't hear anything because we'd be getting the hell out of here.

Osama Bin Laden was in the news today. So what,s new?

The president of Mexico has proposed a trade agreement with the president of the United States. The respective wives were cool to the idea. Double dating maybe, but that's all.


Sunday, March 28, 2010


There's something to be said for testing the water by submerging the big toe. I prefer the instant total immersion technique. It's a shock to the system, but oh what a rush. There's another side benefit to the dunk method. At the point when the dunkers body has become accustomed to the cold water and is enjoying a brisk swim, the toe dipper is up to his ankles, cringing at each step and dreading the eventual meeting between the frigid water and his groin. On the other hand the toe dipper is able to ake the decision, based on his digital insertion, whether or not to take the plunge. He can ask the plunger how the water feels, but all plungers worth treir salt are able to silence their chattering teeth and respond with the ever popular "It's great once you get used to it." The toe dipper can weigh the pros and cons, evaluate the benefits and generally analyze the damn thing to death.
Here's the point of the story. All of us, including the plunger, know what it's like not to do, not to jump in, not to take the risky option and not to expose ourselves to the possibility of defeat, failure and a host of I told yo so's. The plunger may lose a few battles along the way but dreams can only come true when they're given free reign to happen. Some level of risk is usually necessary. In my case it's the simple act of having a face book page,writing a blog and generally trying to take advantage of the technology that's second nature to todays youth.
I'm jumping in now. It's probably colder than a well diggers ass and there may be sharks lurking just below the surface but, what the hell, I've never done this before. It just might be a blast. Who knows, the grass just might be greener on the other side.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


The universe is unlikely concerned
over mass methods of death we have learned
the earth is a speck
on the fleck of a speck
and our worthiness yet to be earned



Meaningful change in our lives requires effort and commitment. We write our goals down, make new years resolutions, promise to ourselves and others that we will change and make improvements, then wallow in our guilt and anger when we fail to succeed. Where each failure should be viewed as a step closer to success, we often view them as as further proof that we can't. To fail time and time again is like standing alone in the cold, staring at success and happiness through an unbreakable window, wanting desperately to be on the inside.
the fear of failure, the fear of success
I couldn't therefore I can't
to try and to fail, to not try at all, which hurts more?
If you feel bad about feeling bad, will you feel good about feeling good?
If someone doesn't like you do you like yourself less?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Eggs have too much cholesterol and there's an invisible hole in the ozone layer.
The road to insanity short with too damn many detours.
I'm screaming but there's no sound.
I'm crying but there are no tears.
The laughs are forced and all too infrequent.
I want answers but I'm not sure of the questions.
Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?
Hold it, relax and take a sanity pill. I know who I am and where I am although I'm not sure why I am. I think I'll leave that one to the philosophers.
The world beckons,"come on in, the water's fine" as if I had a choice. I've been in the water for sixty three years and it's rarely been at the right temperature for any significant length of time.
You don't have to swim to keep your head above water but it sure would be nice to make some forward progress. Doing a driftwood imitation is a waste of time and, as the adage goes, "time waits for no man" which brings us back to change. It's really quite simple. Like the old joke goes. "hey doc it hurts when I go like this. Well don't go like that." It's really just that simple. We each have to make a decision, then act on it. Everything else just clouds the issues and gives us excuses to fail.
The grass will be greener on the other side of the fence if you don't water your own lawn.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A passion for life with its infinate wonder
A passion to rise and refuse to stay under
A passion unswerving to greet every day
with resolve and commitment etched in stone not just clay
A passion that comes from deep in the soul
A passion to claim the most coveted role
A passion unchained unfettered by doubt
the lifeblood of dreams, the strength to win out
When passion is absent indecision takes hold
When passion is lacking the dreams turn stone cold
The passion that drives our ideas to fruition
are founded in strength and steeped in tradition
The passion is in us to shoot for the moon
The passion is ripe just waiting to bloom
The passion is central to all we aspire
We need it to win and keep bright the fire


All I've written so far are excerpts from a journal dating back over twenty years. Some of my political commentaries and attempts at humor are outdated by several administrations and will need some time adjusting. Others are personal or just plain off the wall, but I'll try to include a little of everything over time.